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Kuzin Arkady Nikolaevich1, Shardakov Alibek Kakimullovich2
1Saratov State Agrarian University named after NI Vavilov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, the Department "gardening and landscape construction"
2Saratov State Technical University named after Yuri Gagarin, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor of "Engineering Geology and Geoecology"

In the present article the necessity of primary adaptation pasture by grazing properly organized. Shows the average productivity on pastures. Displaying increase productivity cultivated grass within 4-5 years after planting and subsequent stabilization. Revealed that the most effective method of combating desertification landscape-adaptive scheme of nature.

Keywords: desertification, forage grasses, grazing, landscape-adaptive scheme, on pastures, productivity

Category: Common rubric

Article reference:
Kuzin A.N., Shardakov A.K. Example of landscape-adaptive scheme of nature // Agriculture, forestry and water management. 2014. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://agro.snauka.ru/en/2014/02/1332

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