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Goryachev Vladimir Petrovich1, Poleshchuk Nadezhda Nikolaevna2, Avdeenko Alexey Petrovich3, Chernenko Vladimir Petrovich4
1Don state agrarian university, candidate of agricultural sciences, assistant to chair of agriculture and melioration
2Don state agrarian university, master
3Don state agrarian university, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor of chair of agriculture and melioration
4Don state agrarian university, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor of agriculture and melioration

In the Rostov region to 2012-2013 positive influence of biological fungicide - Planriz on productivity and education the klubenkovykh of bacteria of leguminous cultures is established to year. Processing by biofungicide of seeds of peas and нута promoted increase of efficiency of plants, and also more intensive formation of outgrowths on root systems of plants.

Keywords: azotfiksation, biofungicide, Cicer, Pisum, productivity

Category: Agriculture

Article reference:
Goryachev V.P., Poleshchuk N.N., Avdeenko A.P., Chernenko V.P. Results of application Planriz on leguminous cultures // Agriculture, forestry and water management. 2014. № 7 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://agro.snauka.ru/en/2014/07/1553

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