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Kolosov Yuri Anatolyevich1, Krivko Anton Sergeevich2
1Don State Agrarian University, Doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor at the private zootechnics
2Don State Agrarian University, Postgraduate student, Chair of the private zootechnics

The article shows the level of payment of feed products is bright in the crossing of Queen bees breed retired Australian sheep meat with Merino Wool Merino, the various fractions of krovnosti and Rams Stavropol breed.

Keywords: Australian meat Merino Wool, crossing, Merino Wool, paying for feed, Stavropol Soviet breed

Category: Agriculture

Article reference:
Kolosov Y.A., Krivko A.S. Payment of feed products bright different genotypes // Agriculture, forestry and water management. 2014. № 9 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://agro.snauka.ru/en/2014/09/1619

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