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Dobroselskiy Vladimir Vladimirovich
Humanities and Pedagogics academy (branch) "Crimean Federal University of V.I. Vernadsky" in Yalta
Post-graduate student

It is no secret that we live in an age of quality. Totalitarianism has long been in the past, in order to stay "afloat", since the 1990s, companies were forced to focus their attention not on profit but on the quality of their activities. If previously the consumer could only wish for quality, but now he demands it. Currently, organizations must build an organizational system so that the output products meet customer expectations. In the modern organization must be perfect everything from system finishing products. So agricultural organizations, now time to improve its efficiency and to improve the quality of the final product, you must take care of its organizational perfection. The article discusses the formation of the organizational excellence of agricultural enterprises, and provides a rationale for the effectiveness of the organizational model of perfection, is a description of the organizational elements of continuity and effectiveness of management of the organization by using this model.

Category: Agriculture

Article reference:
Dobroselskiy V.V. Organizational excellence enterprises agriculture // Agriculture, forestry and water management. 2015. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://agro.snauka.ru/en/2015/06/2383

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