Author: Сязин Иван Евгеньевич

Information about author:
к.т.н., доцент кафедры ТОиСЖ КубГТУ

Articles of the author in journal «Agriculture, forestry and water management»

Kasyanov G.I., Syazin I.E. Технология обработки растительных продуктов низкочастотным электромагнитным полем

№ 5 May 2012

Kasyanov G.I., Nazarko M.D., Syazin I.E., Davidenko T.N. Development of conceptual informative base of monitoring and regulation of soils for cultivation of ecologically clean production

№ 11 November 2013

Articles of the author in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Kasyanov G.I., Syazin I.E. Rheologic characteristics of cryofrozen cryolabile vegetative raw materials

December, 2011

Kasyanov G.I., Syazin I.E., Luginin M.I., Razdorozhnaya E.E., Konopleva V.A. Technology of cryoprocessing and cryoreprocessing of vegetative raw materials

March, 2012

Kasyanov G.I., Syazin I.E., Zanin D.E. Substanation of Development of Super Magnate-Resonance Generator for Acceleration of Growing of Fructification of Plants

September, 2013

Kasyanov G.I., Syazin I.E., Nazarko M.D., Davidenko T.N. Prospects of refrigeration technology of food products

November, 2013

Syazin I.E., Shamarov M.V., Kasyanov G.I., Gukasyan A.V. Increasing of refrigeration index by the way of automatic protection out of refrigeration compressor liquid hammer

April, 2021

Syazin I.E., Kasyanov G.I., Gukasyan A.V. Specialties of dynamic analysis of refrigeration piston compressor

April, 2021

Articles of the author in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Касьянов Г.И., Сязин И.Е. Технология низкотемпературного консервирования и разделения на фракции пищевого субтропического сырья

April, 2012

Kasyanov G.I., Syazin I.E., Davidenko T.N. The equipment and the technology of usage of carbon dioxide at sub- and supercritical conditions

May, 2014