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Petrova I.A. Инвестиции в условиях диверсифицированного предприятия АПК Челябинской области

№ 12 December 2013

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Antamoshkina E.N. Agrarian policy of food security

February, 2014

Antamoshkina E.N. Agricultural policy of russia: priorities and modern specifics

June, 2014

Morozov A.S., Logvinenko E.A., Abramenko I.A. On the financial stability of APC municipal union

June, 2015

Kucherenko S.Y. Organizational-economic principles of effective production and processing of sunflower in Ukraine

June, 2015

Kurdyumov A.V., Busine Y.O. The innovations in agro-industrial complex of russia: problems and solutions

July, 2015

Mityay O.V. Marketing instruments of increase of competitiveness of enterprises of agroindustrial complex

August, 2015

Bashirova H.S., Bisaeva D.I., Abdulazizova E.A. The state support of small business in the agro-industrial sector in Russia

December, 2015

Ezangina I.A., Em S.E. Financial and economic development of the region: the role of the peasant (farmer) economy (in the Astrakhan region)

November, 2016

Dzhurilo T.M. Methodical aspects of sustainable development of agricultural enterprises in the conditions of crisis

November, 2016

Zhurba A.V., Skripnik A.R. The role of systemically important banks in addressing the problem of crediting of enterprises of agroindustrial complex of Russia in terms of import substitution

November, 2016

Makkaeva R.S.A. Status analysis of agroindustrial complex in the Chechen republic

February, 2017

Abramova I.E. Role of governmental regulation of an agrarian sector in russia in conditions of innovation development

March, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Baranova S.A., Dmitrieva M.A. Public-private partnership in agriculture

January, 2016

Sulimin V.V., Shvedov V.V., Rogaleva N.S. Actual directions of development of agroindustrial complex of Sverdlovsk region

October, 2016

Ageeva N.A. Self-organization of a system in the context of the russian federation food security

February, 2017

Развитие сельскохозяйственной потребительской кооперации в Пермском крае

October, 2017