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Ryabtseva N.A. Оценка баланса гумуса почвы в звене севооборота озимая пшеница - подсолнечник

№ 4 April 2015 | Category: Agriculture

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Sopina E.V., Zubkova E.N., Litvinova M.Y. Influence of mineral and organic fertilizers on the properties of black soil and soybean yields

November, 2016

Litvinova M.Y., Zubkovа Y.N., Sopina E.V. Changing the physical and chemical properties of the soil during the growing season of spring wheat in different soil types

November, 2016

Zubkova E.N., Litvinova M.Y., Sopina E.V. Variation of soil parameters of chernozem typical at cultivation Raphanus sativus in different timeframes

December, 2016