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Articles in journal «Agriculture, forestry and water management»

Polina A. Понятие территориального маркетинга и его возникновение

№ 3 March 2015

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Sarkisyants A.A. Need of information support of the resort regions of the state (on the example of Caucasian Mineral Waters)

March, 2012

Oripov D. Marketing strategy as a factor in the development of small enterprises

June, 2012

Drozdova V.A. Socially responsible marketing today

December, 2013

Kudryavtsev I.M. Determining the impact of marketing economic factors on trade company's net income

January, 2014

Shchgletova A.S. Features of marketing in immature markets

March, 2014

Morozova E.Y. Theoretical bases of construction of metaeconomic

April, 2014

Morozova E.Y. Institutional characteristics of the organizational structure of the media industry

April, 2014

Shchgletova A.S. The concept of training marketing in promotion of biologically active additives to food

April, 2014

Nikulina V.A. Improve management efficiency: criteria and directions

May, 2014

Poliit-Zanizdra T.A. Brand ambassodor is a new link between business and clients

December, 2014

Bulganina S.V. Use of active methods of training in marketing when training bachelors of management

December, 2014

Stepanov A.V. Sales in the field of software

January, 2015

Kulikova N.N. Marketing activity of the actors of the innovation chain in the electronics industry

January, 2015

Bychkova Y.O. Information technologies in tourism

March, 2015

Demin V.V. The use of information resources in the organization of mass events

June, 2015

Kruglova A.Y. Improving the competitiveness of the restaurant by the principles of marketing

June, 2015

Chashlenkova A.M. Modern trends in online video distribution

July, 2015

Sayapina E.I., Strizhova N.A. The culture in the life of modern Russian society

September, 2015

Zhamgaryan G.A., Mullabaev R.Y. Segmentation of tourist market: concepts and features

October, 2015

Bogdanov D.Y. Management styles: definitions, comparison and pecularities of using in a touristic company

October, 2015

Udalova I.B., Kirillova K.V., Osipenko N.N. On the importance of information technology in the implementation of current research in the field of marketing

November, 2015

Oboturova O.V., Sergienko E.S. Justification rational use of marketing communication tools

December, 2015

Rodionova D.N. The stages of tourist services life cycle and marketing measures, which contribute to increase it

February, 2016

Kashirina E.A. Marketing kit as a tool to attract new customers and partners

March, 2016

Ledov D.G. Franchise system is a way of biznes in touristic industry

March, 2016

Mochalova J.V., Sorokina O.A. Marketing university educational services

May, 2016

Bogdanov D.Y., Ledov D.G. Market analysis as a part of a marketing plan

September, 2016

Semenov D.S. Marketing of the Russian military products: analysis of experience and promotion prospect

November, 2016

Bornin A.I. Features of PR-technologies in the public and municipal management

November, 2016

Atayar S.R., Hodzhyan R.S. Marketing strategies in the fashion industry

November, 2016

Yushkova E.I., Burmistrova A.V. Guerrilla marketing

January, 2017

Ulanova K.N. Improvement of the marketing policy of the enterprise supply

January, 2017

Kvashnina E.P., Bulganina S.V. The role and importance of workshops for individual tailoring

February, 2017

Statovskiy D.A., Semenov M.R., Makovich V.A. Some urgent issues of development and commercialization of business products based on Augmented Reality technology

February, 2017

Ulanovskaya O.N. The role of marketing communications in formation of companies trade policy Republic of Crimea

February, 2017

Egorov E.E., Bulganina S.V., Pavlunina T.A., Samtsova I.E. Anti-crisis marketing

March, 2017

Kazantsheva A.V., Kokina K.M., Bulganina S.V. Innovative management

March, 2017

Iliasova E.E., Medvedeva O.F. Peculiarities of innovative products promotion

April, 2017

Проблемы в управлении издержками в интернет-рекламе. Пути решения

June, 2017

Теоретические основы организации рекламной кампании

November, 2017

Реклама как средство маркетинговой коммуникации

February, 2018

Особенности и проблемы выведения инновационного продукта на рынок

May, 2018

Маркетинговое исследование регионального рынка наушников

June, 2019

Особенности маркетингового планирования на предприятиях гостиничной сферы

December, 2019

Онлайнизация бизнеса: подходы и концепции

May, 2020

Маркетинг в социальных медиа

July, 2020

Совершенствование матрицы McKinsey в современных условиях

August, 2020

Применение SMM-инструментов как способ продвижения услуг веб-студии

December, 2020

Классификация рекламных средств

March, 2021

Методы и оценка маркетинговой деятельности предприятий

September, 2021

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Балаклицький М.А. Промоушн протестантської літератури в незалежній Україні

January, 2013

Udalova I.B., Kirillova K.V. Features of consumer behavior and their impact on modern marketing

March, 2014

Astashova J.V. Analysis and optimization of assortment of catering establishment: marketing approach

October, 2014

Ustyan K.A. Attraction marketing territory

December, 2014

Mullabaev R.Y. Porter five forces analysis

April, 2015

Mullabaev R.Y. Causes of conflict and methods of overcoming them in the touristic business

September, 2015

Sineva N.L., Ello M.P. Model of integrated marketing in the innovation management organization

November, 2015

Baranova S.A., Dmitrieva M.A., Sokolova E.L. Company’s marketing strategy in a view of its life cycle

January, 2016

Arslanova K.G. Marketing it is investigated the market of the organizations of public catering of the city of Kurgan

June, 2016

Sushonkova E.Y. Marketing technologies of the construction industry

November, 2016

Galimova E.S., Sheludchenko A.Y. Protection of customers from tricks marketers in today's market

December, 2016

Baranova S.A., Sumina E.V. Features of Internet marketing in service industry

February, 2017

Rogozhina E.S., Yashkova E.V., Sineva N.L. Marketing research of the russian market of labor on the profession of «Marketologist»

April, 2017

Маркетинг в социальных сетях для вашего бизнеса

December, 2020

Рекламные технологии в системе маркетинга

July, 2021

Articles in journal «Student scientific researches »

Fedorova Y.D. Advertizing in the development sphere: experience and tendencies

June, 2014

Yasinskaya Y.P., Makashova V.N. Use geolocation service for small business development

July, 2014

Kuzmicheva V.V. Interaction process with clients of the company on the example of retail highly specialized shop

August, 2014

Zaskalko D.Y. Marketing analysis of the market of drinking water of Chelyabinsk

August, 2014

Shcherbina Y.A. The impact on the consumer marketing gimmicks

August, 2015