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Articles in journal «Agriculture, forestry and water management»

Kasyanov G.I., Nazarko M.D., Syazin I.E., Davidenko T.N. Development of conceptual informative base of monitoring and regulation of soils for cultivation of ecologically clean production

№ 11 November 2013

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Zelenskiy N.A., Zelenskay G.M., Mokrikov G.V. The effect of different tillage practices on yield of winter wheat

December, 2014

Garanovich I.M., Hamitova S.M., Avdeev Y.M., Snetilova V.S., Klimovskaya A.R., Selyakova N.S. Development of biological principles of the formation of a stable biocenotic relations of communities of soil microorganisms of the root zone and urban green spaces of the Vologda region

October, 2015

Zlobin A.E. Landslide as initial mechanism of comet nucleus destruction during entrance into dense atmosphere of planet

December, 2015

Snetilova V.S. Distribution of heavy metals in soils on an example of green spaces in urban environment

September, 2016

Snetilova V.S. Economic assessment of soil conditions on the example of green spaces in urban environment

September, 2016

Litvinova M.Y., Zubkovа Y.N., Sopina E.V. Changing the physical and chemical properties of the soil during the growing season of spring wheat in different soil types

November, 2016

Golubeva A.E., Shanina E.V. Estimation of the city of Abakan soil for heavy metals

December, 2016

Hryanina O.V., Malkov A.I. There is compressibility of the soil integumentary of various origins in the Penza region

March, 2017

Kambale E.M. Évaluation de l'état sanitaire des sols du district d'Atninskiy (République du Tatarstan) par des indicateurs sanitaires et chimiques

April, 2021

Articles in journal «Researches in Science»

Ezhov A.Y., Lebedev Y.O., Gorbunov R.V., Khizhnyak J.S., Gorbunov T.Y., Koshovskaya O.S., Revina Y.S., Klyuchkina A.A. Peculiarities of influence of anthropogenic pollution and seaside location of the territory on the process of soil formation

November, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Timokhin R.A., Batarshin V.O., Semiohin A.S., Kozlov P.G., Fediuk R.S. Stages of development engineering machinery for the production of excavation work

February, 2017