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Bekmuhamedov E.L.1, Seylgazina S.M.1, Omarkhanov J.A.1, Abdykarimov D.S.1
1Semipalatinsk State University named after Shakarim

In this article stated culture history Pstаhyrostachys juncea Fisch, its morphological and biological features. Ceneralized materials on this culture, both Kazakhstan and researches of scientists of the near and far abroed.

Category: Common rubric

Article reference:
Bekmuhamedov E.L., Seylgazina S.M., Omarkhanov J.A., Abdykarimov D.S. Tarlau - lomkokolosnik Sitnikov (cultural history) // Agriculture, forestry and water management. 2013. № 5 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://agro.snauka.ru/en/2013/05/1092

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