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Articles in journal «Agriculture, forestry and water management»

Kasyanov G.I., Nazarko M.D., Syazin I.E., Davidenko T.N. Development of conceptual informative base of monitoring and regulation of soils for cultivation of ecologically clean production

№ 11 November 2013

Gadaeva V.J. Тенденции развития яичного производства в Ростовской области

№ 11 November 2014 | Category: Agriculture

Articles in journal «Economics and innovations management»

Petrova I.A. Diversification in agriculture Chelyabinsk region

January, 2014

Smirnova E.A., Khokhlova N.V. The productivity growth is the main factor of growth and wage increases

November, 2014

Baranova I.V. Organizational-economic relations of the participants of the agroindustrial complex of the region

December, 2014

Larionova N.P., Ishikawa T.G. The necessity of subsidizing interest rates as a form of support of agriculture in modern conditions

February, 2015

Naydanova E.B., Tuskaeva L.V. To the question about the innovative development of agro-industrial complex

February, 2015

Belokopytov A.V. Reserves cost reduction for agricultural products using the optimization method

September, 2015

Zemlyanskaya O.Y. Becoming agricultural lobbying in Russia

January, 2016

Konograi A.S. Development factors of the region economy on the example agriculture of the Krasnodar Region

March, 2016

Belokopytov A.V., Kovaleva A.E. Methods of assessment of cluster in situational conditions

March, 2016

Nikitina M.V. Development of small business in the agriculture sector of the Russian Federation

April, 2016

Postnova S.S., Buraeva E.V. Statistical and economic analysis of livestock production on the example of the Oryol region

June, 2016

Belokopytov A.V. Improvement of control of fixed assets in agriculture

September, 2016

Bornin A.I. Social and economic development of the Belgorod region: status and forecast

November, 2016

Sheikina E.A., Tchaikovskaja N.V. Analysis of the sanctions impact on the development of the agricultural sector in Russia

November, 2016

Rogacheva A.I., Rogacheva A.I. The development of agriculture municipal districts of the Ulyanovsk region

February, 2017

Сельскохозяйственные агломерационные процессы: идентификация явления

July, 2018

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Berestyuk O.A. Conditions and factors of development of the enterprises of agriculture in a competitive environment

April, 2013

Kurmaiev P.Y. Analysis of the current status and forecasting the development of agriculture in Ukraine

August, 2013

Gurfova S.A. Features of socio-economic development Kabarda and Balkaria at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries

November, 2014

Panasyuk A.S. Theoretical and methodological aspects food security in the context of globalization

November, 2014

Akhmadulina T.V. The role of innovation in the agricultural development of Republic of Korea

March, 2015

Ustyukona V.N. Innovation in processing industry APK

April, 2015

Ktsoeva E.R. The influence of the methods of state and municipal financial regulation on the development of agriculture

July, 2015

Bashirova H.S., Bisaeva D.I., Abdulazizova E.A. The state support of small business in the agro-industrial sector in Russia

December, 2015

Naydanova E.B., Shapkhaev B.S. The development of agriculture of region in the conditions of economic crisis

February, 2016

Bukina S.S. Analysis of economic efficiency of leasing operations in the agriculture of the Republic of Mordovia

March, 2016

Filyakova E.I., Volkova L.A. The concept of architectural-construction of hi-tech vertical farms formation in urban area

September, 2016

Ezangina I.A., Em S.E. Financial and economic development of the region: the role of the peasant (farmer) economy (in the Astrakhan region)

November, 2016

Zhurba A.V., Skripnik A.R. The role of systemically important banks in addressing the problem of crediting of enterprises of agroindustrial complex of Russia in terms of import substitution

November, 2016

Dzyubenko E.V. Features of the impact of economic transformation processes of the agricultural production in Belgorod region

January, 2017

Makkaeva R.S.A. Priorities the formation of reproductive structures of the Chechen Republic

January, 2017

Makkaeva R.S.A. Status analysis of agroindustrial complex in the Chechen republic

February, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Baranova S.A., Dmitrieva M.A. Public-private partnership in agriculture

January, 2016

Articles in journal «Politics, State and Law»

Chirkin S.A. The factors of the capitalist modernization of the Vyatka region in the end of XIX – beginning of the XX centuries

March, 2014

Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

Petrov A.M., Agapov V.N. The use of drones in agriculture

January, 2014